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๐Ÿ“– Authoring documentation

There are 2 types of the documentation that DrevOps provides:

  1. This Documentation of DrevOps that is then deployed to
  2. Consumer site documentation that is distributed when DrevOps is installed.

The Documentation (this site) is written in Markdown and located in .drevops/docs directory. This is removed when you install DrevOps for a consumer site.

Local build

cd .drevops/docs
ahoy build

Parts of the documentation is generated automatically from the codebase. To update it, run:

composer -d .drevops/docs/.utils install
cd .drevops/docs
ahoy update

If you have the documentation site running locally, the updates will be seen immediately.

cd .drevops/docs
ahoy test

If required, add spelling exclusions to .drevops/tests/.aspell.en.pws file.


An automated CI build publishes this documentation on DrevOps release (as a latest version) and on every commit to a branch that has docs string in its name. This allowa publishing documentation for feature branches.

Consumer site documentation

DrevOps provides a scaffold of the consumer site documentation in the docs directory.

After DrevOps is installed into the consumer site, these docs are intended to be used by the site maintainers and stay up-to-date with the project changes.