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๐Ÿ”„ Automated updates

DrevOps uses Renovate for automated dependency updates.

The configuration is stored in renovate.json. It is based on Renovate configuration for automated Drupal dependency updates project.


  1. Dual schedules for Drupal package updates:
    • Daily update schedule for critical Drupal core and related packages created in the deps/drupal-minor-patch-core branch.
    • Weekly update schedule for all other packages created in the deps/drupal-minor-patch-contrib branch.
  2. Docker image updates in Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files in the deps/docker branch.
  3. GitHub Actions updates in the deps/github-actions branch.
  4. Automatically adds a dependencies label to a pull request.
  5. Automatically adds assignees to a pull request.
  6. Configuration for running Renovate self-hosted instance using CircleCI.

Self-hosted vs GitHub app

Renovate can run as a hosted GitHub app or as a standalone self-hosted service in CircleCI.

A self-hosted service can be beneficial when your project is restricted in terms of third-party access.