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Authoring tests

DrevOps uses Bats for testing. Bats is a TAP-compliant testing framework for Bash. It provides a simple way to verify that the UNIX programs you write behave as expected.

See Bats documentation for more information.


npm install --prefix .drevops/tests


# Run a single test.
bats .drevops/tests/bats/helpers.bats

# Some tests require Composer and Docker Hub tokens.
TEST_GITHUB_TOKEN=<yourtoken> TEST_DOCKER_USER=<youruser> TEST_DOCKER_PASS=<yourpass> bats .drevops/tests/bats/workflow.smoke.bats

# To preserve test run directory.
bats --no-tempdir-cleanup .drevops/tests/bats/helpers.bats

# To override Bats temporary directory where tests are ran (required for Docker tests).
mkdir -p $HOME/.bats-tmp # run once
TMPDIR=$HOME/.bats-tmp bats .drevops/tests/bats/helpers.bats

# Run all tests, preserving the temporary directory.
TEST_GITHUB_TOKEN=<yourtoken> \
TEST_DOCKER_USER=<youruser> \
TEST_DOCKER_PASS=<yourpass> \
TMPDIR=$HOME/.bats-tmp \
bats --no-tempdir-cleanup .drevops/tests/bats/*.bats

Updating test assets

Some tests use test fixtures such as Drupal database snapshots.

Updating demo database file dump

  1. Run fresh build of DrevOps locally:
    echo "DRUPAL_PROFILE=standard">>.env.local
    echo "DREVOPS_PROVISION_USE_PROFILE=1">>.env.local
    rm .data/db.sql
    AHOY_CONFIRM_RESPONSE=1 ahoy build
  2. Check that everything looks correctly on the site.
  3. Export DB
    ahoy export-db
  4. Make sure that exported DB does not have data in cache_* and watchdog tables.
  5. Upload DB to as a test file (db.distN.sql).
  6. Update references in code from db.demo.sql to db.distN.sql.
  7. Run CI build.
  8. Revert updated references to db.demo.sql.
  9. Update db.demo.sql in Wiki.
  10. Merge branch to main.
  11. Wait for CI to pass.
  12. Remove db.distN.sql from Wiki.

Updating demo database Docker image

Work in progress

The documentation section is still a work in progress.