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Git artifact

Package and push files to remote repositories

Some hosting providers, like Acquia, restrict certain build operations, making it necessary to develop and build your site elsewhere before deploying it. This tool streamlines that process: it uses a .gitignore.deployment file to control which files get transferred, and overwrites the destination repository's history with each push, while preserving the source history.

DrevOps comes with pre-configured .gitignore.deployment file and deployment script to build the artifact in CI and push it to the remote repository in Acquia.


This tool is used in CI and does not require any manual actions.


The deployment targets can be added to the .gitignore.deployment file: it will replace the standard .gitignore file in the artifact repository.

The file already contains all required targets to get the full site build with production-only dependencies (dev-dependencies are excluded from the code artifact during the CI build).

Modifying targets in the .gitignore.deployment file works just like updating a regular .gitignore file.

It is required to set the following environment variables in CI:

  • DREVOPS_DEPLOY_ARTIFACT_GIT_USER_NAME: Email address of the user who will be committing to a remote repository.
  • DREVOPS_DEPLOY_ARTIFACT_GIT_USER_EMAIL: Name of the user who will be committing to a remote repository.