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DrevOps Scaffold is an open source project. There are numerous ways to contribute to DrevOps Scaffold whether you’re a developer or a non-technical user.

What forms of contribution are we looking for?

Any form of contribution to DrevOps Scaffold, be it rectifying a bug, proposing a new feature, or enhancing our documentation, is highly appreciated. We are glad for your willingness to assist!

I've discovered a problem

We're constantly eager to address any issues, so your reports are always appreciated. However, we kindly ask you to first check if your problem has already been reported in the issue queue.

I want to suggest a feature or an idea

Fantastic! Please submit your idea and we'll gladly review it. While we can't promise every suggestion will be implemented, we are always keen to hear innovative ideas for enhancing the DrevOps Scaffold.

Talk to us on Slack

Another good way is also to talk to us via #drevops Slack about your idea. Join today!


We actively maintain the project's roadmap. See Roadmap for more details.